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Thank you for inquiring about the Cornerstone School.  Our application processes is designed to help you make an informed decision about your student’s education.  Cornerstone has a rolling admission process and will admit students throughout the year based on space available and appropriate placement.

At Cornerstone we feel that you have to see it to believe it.  Coming to the school for a tour, an opportunity to observe in a classroom during the school morning, and an extended opportunity to ask questions and engage in dialogue with a seasoned Montessori expert is the most important part of our process.  Check the “admissions process” section of this web site page for an ideal timeline for applying for fall admission.

Admission priorities are as follows:


  • Priority is given to siblings of older students
  • Developmental readiness
  • 15 months or older


  • Siblings of older students
  • Montessori transfer students
  • Children between three and five who exhibit developmental readiness


  • Children with satisfactory Cornerstone experience
  • Siblings of older Cornerstone students
  • Montessori transfer students
  • Students who exhibit academic and developmental readiness

Call us for a tour!