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Primary I

P1 February Newsletter


December, 2015

Yoga Poses:  waterfall, peacock, cat

Poem:  Stopping by Wood on a Snowy Evening, Robert Frost

Song:  Light a Candle for Peace

Letter sounds:  h, s, t

Geometric Shapes:  cube, sphere, cone, ellipse, triangular prism, cylinder

Continent:  Europe

P1 December 2015 Newsletter


October 9, 2015

Intention:  I am Active.  When I do things, I feel alive and free

Yoga Pose:  Dog

Poem:  Hey diddle diddle, The cat and the fiddle, The cow jumped over the moon;  The little dog laughed to see such sport, And the dish ran away with the spoon

Letter sound:  c

Geometric shape:  cube

Shape:  square

The older children made grape jelly from fresh locally grown grapes.

pre school IMG_0113 IMG_0119 IMG_0172 IMG_0171 IMG_0187 IMG_0124 IMG_0127 IMG_0204 IMG_0143 IMG_0203












































September 18, 2015

Letter:  b

Number: 3

Geometric Shape: sphere

Shape:  circle

Animal Classification:  What is a Fish?

Poem:  Humpty Dumpty

Finger play:  Turtle in a box

Yoga Poses: Mountain, Candle

Lunch Blessing:  Earth that gives us all this food. Sun that makes it ripe and good. Dearest Earth and dearest Sun we won’t forget what you have done.  Blessings on this food.  Amen

Morning Song:  Good Morning dear Earth, good morning dear Sun, good morning dear trees and the flowers everyone.  Good morning to the busy bees and the birds in the trees.  Good morning to you and good morning to me.

The librarian from Wiggin Memorial Library visited the class this week.

IMG_2648 IMG_2657

pre school

Lunch Partners
















March 30


Easter Eggs

This week the older children acted out the book Two of Everything by Lily Toy Hong. The younger children sat mesmerized as the audience.  On Wednesday, there was some Tom Foolery going on for April Fool’s Day. The teachers found cotton balls and swabs in their outdoor shoes!  The children were quite happy with the success of this prank.  Thank you Amy Deguio for dying eggs with the children.  Compliments of the Cabalona family, the children boarded the Cornerstone Airlines to the Philippines.  The children learned about the archipelago of 7,000+ islands, homes, transportation, animals, and foods.  Thank you to Chris Peters for coming in weekly to listen to children read.  Their joy of reading is truly enhanced by your presence.  On Thursday the 3 o’clockers tasted the foods of India and practiced their restaurant manners on their field trip to Shalimar India in Portsmouth.  Spring has arrived.  The snow is melting and the mud on the playground is beginning to show up.  Outdoor play is so important for the children so bear with the messy snow pants and wet mittens for just a bit until things melt and dry up.


Two of Everything

DSCI1489 DSCI1500














The Philippines

DSCI1506 DSCI1524 DSCI1512 DSCI1517 DSCI1518

























Week of March 16

The children are busy with the study of Asia.  Many are working on maps, others are researching Asian animals.  Come in and see our dioramas that are displayed in the gym lobby display cabinet.  Also, peek in to the classroom to see the solar system that the children have made.  The Sun and all but one of the planets have arrived and are hanging from the classroom ceiling.  This week we had a visit from Baby Jason, Justin’s new baby brother.  We read the Quiet Book by Underwood and Liwska.  Ms Jan from the Wiggin Memorial Library came and read stories to the class.  Thank you to Courtney for coming in to plant wheat grass with the children for a Spring project.  Thank you to Sweeta for assisting us with transportation to the field trip to the Music Hall.  The school play on May 14th and 15th will be The Jungle Book.  The 1:30 and 3:00 children will be part of the performance.  Kelly has just begun teaching the children the song they will be singing for the upcoming play.


Indoor Recess

Week of March 2

We are studying the Solar System.  The older children are making planets to hang from the ceiling of the classroom.  Vocabulary of the Solar System was the discussion at circle.  What are the planets made of?  Our yoga pose is the turtle.  The intention is: I am a champion.  I have a positive attitude and expectation for greatness.   We are studying the primary colors as well as mixing yellow and red to make orange.  The children are making block prints of tigers and elephants.


Sorting, Cleaning and Counting

DSCI1426 DSCI1431 DSCI1410 DSCI1402


















We had a visit from Lola Chiang (mother of Will Chiang in the Jr. Class).  She shared the Chinese New Year, painted the signs of the zodiac, and told stories of living in Asia.  We are studying Asian animals.


Chinese apparel

DSCI1406 DSCI1403
















Jane Kelly brought in Birds of Prey that she helps rehabilitate.  We had a visit with an African Pied Crow, Western Screech Owl, Baird Owl, and immature Vulture and a Great Horned Owl.


Birds of Prey camouflage



African pied crow


Great Blue Heron wing


Vulture spreads his wings

DSCI1443 DSCI1465 DSCI1456 DSCI1469





































Ms. Jan from Wiggin Memorial reads stories to children


poetry reading


hand writing lessons with Sallie

DSCI1415 DSCI1400 DSCI1412



























Last week of February

In February it will be my snowman’s anniversary with cake for him and soup for me.  Happy once, happy twice, happy chicken soup with rice.  -Maurice Sendak

Primary 1 003 Primary 1 004




Over the past week we talked about friendship and love.  The children have practiced cutting, collage and name writing.  On Friday they were excited to bring in from home their valentine’s to deliver in their friend’s valentine mailbox.

The intention of the week has been I am courageous – action is more powerful than fear.  We have practiced the fish yoga pose and played freeze dance having to freeze with a yoga pose.  There was a science discussion and experiment about: water and it’s different forms of solid, liquid and gas,  Matter-no two things can take up the same space(atoms), Motion- something will stay unless a force comes and moves it (inertia), Static Electricity- atoms have positive and negative energy (charge)

pre school

Artic Animals

pre school

Yoga triangles

Primary 1 013 Primary 1 015

Seacoast Academy of Music offers music lessons at school for older children.  We were fortunate to get a guitar lesson performance!


Guitar Lesson Performance

Primary 1 008

The week of January 11th:

Over the past week we have read Knut, How one Polar Bear Captured Hearts of the World by Hatkoff and Uhlich, made collage snowmen, watercolor snowmen, finished maps of Europe, talked about sunrise, sunset and the phases of the moon, and made chicken soup with rice.  Our intention of the week is “I am focused, I finish what I begin.” We are learning the lion yoga pose.  Italy has been a topic of discussion; the leaning tower of Pisa, Galileo, gravity, and the planets revolving around the Sun.  The snowy owl and the polar bear have been animals of interest.  This week your child may ask you “Where is the moon?”

pre school

snowman collage

pre school

collage snowmen


collage snowmen


Collage Snowmen















movable alphabet


cursive writing


reading in the library


snowman watercolor














The week of December 8th:

This week…we read Jingle Bells, started the intentions of Kwaanza, made Ginger Bears, celebrated a birthday, paper weaving placemats, made pottery with the Artist in Residence, and made portraits of ourselves.

pre school



self portrait


placemat weaving


placemat weaving


making pottery


glazing the pots


placemat weaving, family of self portraits, Kwaanza intentions

DSCI1177 DSCI1178 DSCI1157 DSCI1169 DSCI1149 DSCI1144 DSCI1140 DSCI1169 DSCI1152 DSCI1165 DSCI1148

The week of December 1st: 

This week…we worked on our double yoga poses, read T’was the Night Before Christmas by Clement C. Moore, had an overnight visit from St. Nicholas, did subtraction, recited Wynken, Blynken and Nod by Joanie Bartels, worked on our fractions and held our intention, ‘I am encouraging. I see and bring out the potential in everyone’, close.

pre school

Pretzel Dipping for the Primary Fundraiser


Pretzel Dipping for the Primary Fundraiser


Music with Kelly


Dr. Kochhar shares his profession as a dentist.


Dr. Kochhar shares his profession as a dentist.


Elves at work.


Reptile work


Bird and reptile work


The cube of the trinomial




Red rods




Map of Europe


45 card layout



St. Nicholas visits primary










Hundred Board











The week of November 24th: 

DSCI1074 DSCI1053 DSCI1064

Measurement – ruler, inches, fractions of an inch   Time – o’clock

Science: Magnetism works thru a surface

Puzzle Map: Europe

Land Form:  Cape and Bay

Botany:  Leaf cabinet


Art:  Pointsetta still life


Recommended Author (books to check out at the library):  Mo Willems


preschool DSCI0999 DSCI0991






Geometry:  Triangles – angle, base, height, vertex, bisector, midpoint







Marble Painting



oil pastel still life gourds


Oil Pastel Still Life




Caring for the Environment



Decimal System Addition



Polishing copper

Story time

Story time



Hiking sticks are ready!



Hiking the Cornerstone Nature Walk